I think of the squat as an essential everyday movement. Squatting can take many forms - holding onto a post or a doorframe in front of you for support as you squat, standing up from a chair, lowering yourself to the toilet (instead of doing a semi-controlled fall), squatting down to play with your kids or look at an interesting bug on the ground.

Squatting is a basic act of humanity, of movement, of utility. Squatting also helps strengthen your buttocks, thighs and abs and also assist you with correct lifting technique.



photo how to do squats

Feet should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart

As you squat your knees should follow over your toes

Keep your heels down

Keep your knees behind the line of your toes

Bend from your hips

“Imagine you are going to sit on a chair”


This will help keep your knees and backs happy and healthy!!!

Try adding 10 or 20 of these to your exercise program... good for your abs, buttocks and thighs!