Many of us find that as the work day goes on or with a particular task, we find it difficult to maintain "good posture". You may notice your shoulders slumped or rounded forward and you may be experiencing some discomfort or tightness across your upper back or neck area. This slumped posture can also contribute to many neck, shoulder and arm problems. Below is an exercise to try to reverse this slumped posture, strengthen your back muscles and relieve tension.


shoulder blade squeeze exercise for physiotherapy


Sit/stand up straight, pull your shoulders backwards and downwards to squeeze your shoulder blades together at the back.

Hold for a moment and then release.  Do it 5 to 10 times, keeping your head and chest up.

Try to find natural pauses or down time in your job, even if just for short time to do them several times a day. Listen to your body, if you feel like stretching or moving, then you should.