Have you injured yourself playing sport and are keen to return as soon as you can? Or do you have a recurring injury that you would like to be able to manage and hopefully prevent from happening again? Perhaps you have a constant niggling pain, that you would like to address? 

Whether you are suffering from neck and back pain, a sporting injury, work related problem, post fracture, headaches, sprain or strain,  Ararat Physiotherapy & Health Services can take care of you.

Our treatment techniques range from manual therapy including massage, joint mobilisation, trigger point release, dry needling, electrotherapy modalities (eg. EMG Biofeedback, TENS), to taping techniques and postural correction.

We also aim to help you prevent reoccurrences of your problem, and therefore you will receive other strategies including exercise and education to help better manage and prevent these recurrences. We have a large purpose built rehabilitation and pilates studio onsite to assist you with your recovery.

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