Clinical pilates vs traditional pilates....

Pilates is a great form of exercise and can assist you with increasing your core muscle and spinal stability, improving your posture, body awareness and overall strength.

Clinical Pilates is an evidence-based technique which modifies traditional Pilates in order to treat injuries and enhance performance. Clinical Pilates is a tailored program that offers personalized treatment and exercise programs to suit individual needs. It specializes in managing chronic conditions.


Our Pilates studio contains state-of-the-art equipment to improve your posture, strength and core stability. All classes are conducted by qualified and experienced Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists, which means that your program is tailored to your personal rehab or fitness needs.

We run a comprehensive timetable of classes each week plus one-on-one sessions, meaning you are guaranteed to find a Pilates class that suits your lifestyle!

Pilates is suitable for ante- and post-natal women.



How do I start?

The best way to get started in our studio is to book an Introductory Pilates Assessment with one of our physios, either online or by calling 53525611. This session will allow you time to sit down with your physio and decide on the best plan of action for tackling your injury or health goals. From there we can plan your approach to exercise and advise you on any other treatment that will get you to your pain-free goal as quickly as possible.

When can I come?

The studio is open from Monday to Saturday and offers a wide range of morning, afternoon and evening sessions to suit most individuals. A current timetable of group sessions is available on request.


The pilates mat class is a floor-based group exercise class of up to 12 participants.

Mat pilates sessions are run by highly qualified physiotherapists and exercise physiologists.

Wanting to join a mat pilates group?

To start our mat pilates group you do not need an individual physiotherapy assessment. You will need to complete a pre-screening questionnaire prior to commencing on the day.